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I've been making talking parrot videos since 1998. In 2007 I decided to put them on YouTube. Einstein now has 950+ videos, over 112,000 subscribers with over 43 million views! And he’s not done yet!

I've built these video pages and the rest of this website as means to let people know that parrots need to be interacted with and be a part of a family-flock. Not just put in a cage and fed. To have a parrot, as an integral part of your family life requires much time and patience. This website, being a type of "reality web" you will be able to decide if a parrot is the right companion for you and your family. Or, you may just decide to live vicariously through me!

I receive many YouTube comments from fans who say I make them laugh and can brighten their day when they watch my videos. That may be the best thing I can accomplish! To brighten someone's day and make them laugh and smile! I also answer many questions people have about me and general questions about parrots. I hope to answer some of those questions in more detail on this website. (YouTube allows only 500 character answers and that's not enough for some questions.)
The Flying and Pooping page is where I'll answer the four questions I receive frequently. Does Einstein fly? Are Einstein's wings clipped? Is Einstein potty trained? How do you potty train a parrot?

The In the Shower page is where I like to hangout and talk while I'm perch high up on the shower ledge. I'll share all my shower secrets with you!

Einstein In the Kitchen is where you'll read all about Einstein's kitchen drawer, the famous kitchen rug, food vocabulary, and my "helping" in the kitchen. Learn about parrot nutrition on the "Eat Your Corn!" page. I share all of my recipes too!

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Einstein Parrot explains the The Theory of Relativity on YouTube!

Einstein asks, What does E equal? and then answers, MC squared!