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Einstein's Celebrates Christmas

I love to party with family and friends! I celebrate many holidays throughout the year. I would have to say that Christmas is my favorite holiday, and my Hatchday is the second favorite. I know how to say Ho-Ho-Ho! like Santa Clause and I can also say Merry Christmas! I will start saying these words at the applicable time of the year. Maybe it's because the days are shorter, the house gets decorated, or the humans as start talking about Christmas gifts and such. I just know when Christmas is coming, and I start saying my Christmas vocabulary, just like clock work! After Christmas, around mid January, I begin to say those words less often.

Merry Corn!

I am known for saying, "Eat Your Corn!" and if you go to my "Eat Your Corn!" page you'll learn why. One day in December of 2011 I was perching around and just came up with this saying all alone! Marcia and Jeff though it was pretty funny and laughed a lot when I said it. I started saying it more and more! Marcia posted this video on YouTube, and it soon became very popular. People write and tell me that it has become a part of their Holiday tradition. I was asked to produce a ringtone, and you can download it from my ringtones page.

Christmas 2010

In 2010 I got this really nice Christmas stocking that kind of looks like me and it was full of toys! You can watch my reaction to the stocking in this video. I get all fluffed up because I'm a little cautious and not sure if it is a friend or foe! I loved all the nice toy! The stockings and toys are made by a company called Parrot Toy Angels. A great place to buy toys because profits of their company go to help many other birds in need.

Christmas 2011

The next year could have been the worst Christmas ever! Marcia told me that my stocking was lost! OH! NO! She, told me that Santa would find it and she was right! In this video, you'll see my Christmas morning reaction and what Santa stuffed in my stocking that year! I also left a plate of corn for the reindeer and some of it had been eaten! The plate is very special because it was given to me by two little girls who lived in the neighborhood. They are now grown up, but still come to visit me sometimes. The toy that I unwrap is called "Olympic Rings" by Super Bird Creations. I really liked it!
That year I also got my very own Christmas Tree! A Brussels Sprout Christmas Tree! I was so beautiful! Watch as I trim it! I really enjoy chewing it up! It was fun having my own tree, and I hope I get another one next year!

Christmas 2012

Marcia couldn't find another Brussels Sprout Tree, but that's OK, because I was too busy decorating my drawer with Christmas Lights! (Parrot safe of course!) I also got another stocking and lots of toys from Santa that year! One toy was a bell inside a ball! I Love bells, and I got two bells that year!
The pretty white stocking came from The Platinum Parrot, and the foraging ball with the bell came from My Safe Bird Store.
It seldom snows on Christmas Day in Texas. When it does, it is a treat for everyone, and we all get very excited. I'm watching the snow fall in this video, and I have a few things to say too!

Christmas 2013

Santa was Very Good to me this year! He left for me two wonderful shiny new toys. One is a big spoon that makes a nice noise. It's called the "The Big Kahuna" The other one is a cluster of bells on chains, its name is "Major Mayhem." These toys can be found by visiting Avian Stainless! They make really fine parrot toys of all sizes and shapes. They are all safe for parrots because they are made of stainless steel. Bells and any toy that make noise are my favorite. I just love my new toys! Thanks Santa! :>


I started to say this original version of "Cranberry" after playing in a home-made cranberry bog that Marcia made for me. You can watch the in that video here. While I played, Marcia said Cranberry a lot! The next day I started to say something that sounded like cranberry. It sounded more like "Cappy," sometimes I even said, "Crappy". (Yikes! That's not a very nice word!) I know how to say Raspberry very well, but this was a little different. So Marcia just continued to say "Cranberry" whenever I would say those other words. Finally, I started to say "Cranbirdie". GREAT! It got lots of laughs and although I know how to say, "berry" I will choose to call these little round berries "Cranbirdies!"