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The Talking Texan Parrot

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Einstein's Merchandise for Parrot Rescue

Einstein's helps to support parrot rescue through the sale of his merchandise.

Einstein's Etsy store is where you'll find unique items, especially for Einstein's fans. They are only available on Etsy and will be shipped directly to you from Einstein. You'll also find Einstein's ringtones on Etsy. Listen to them here, then purchase on Etsy.
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The merchandise pictured below are from websites named Redbubble, Spring, and Createphotocalendar.com. These are called "Print On Demand" services. They provide a vast array of merchandise and the ability to print images on the items. You order the item with the design you want. They print it and ship it direct to you. They also provide excellent customer service. Click on the image shown or the store name to shop for more items.
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