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Einstein's Ringtones

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My ringtones are available for purchase in my Etsy Store for $1.99 each and will benefit parrot rescue organizations.

I'm offering two different file downloads. Mp3 will work for most phones, m4r will work for iPhones. iPhone users, please note that you will need to connect your phone to a computer to install the ringtone onto your phone.

After you complete your purchase on Etsy, you will download the file to your computer, then you will have to refer to the instructions for your phone to get them to your phone.

Enjoy the ringtones!

Visit Etsy to purchase & download

Party! Party! Party!
HoHoHo! Merry Corn Sweetie!
It's Goooood!
The Bubble Sound
What does E equal? MC squared!
We're Walkin'
Be Quiet!
Shake Your Booty! Shake Your Butt!
Shake Your Booty!
Bok, bok!
Oops, Sorry!
You're So Funny!
Come See Me!
Let's Go Cuddle!
Eat Some More!
You Did Good Sweetie!
Tickle, Tickle!
Happy Corn!
Look At The Squirrels! (Plural)
Sweetie, Wanna Nut?
Don’t Be Scared!
I Love You Sweetie!
Go For A Car Ride, Weeeeee!
I’m Gonna Get You! (with laugh)
Lunch, Lunch, Lunch!
You’re Super, Sweet, You’re Smart!
Spoon Jingle
Wanna Go Fly? Weeeee!
Bombs Away!
What Colors?
Where’s the money?
Red Butt Chicken!
Red Butt Clean!
Corn! (with smacking sound)
Hop Aboard!
Pretty Cool!
Pop, Pop, Pop, Popcorn!
Roar! (Lion)
God Bless You!
Talkin’ to Garby!
Look at the Squirrel!
Water sound
Ballpark “Charge” tune
Raspberry Pffffff!
Gotta Clean!
Telephone Ring!
Look at You! You’re All Wet!
Happy Year!
Sweetie, know what? Eat your corn!
Red Butt Chicken
Pizza Party!
What’s A Roose?
Talk To Me!
Merry Corn! (Einstein’s Universal Holiday Greeting)
Eat Your Corn
Who Let The Dogs Out
Super Star!
Alright! Alright! Alright!
Laser Sound!
Shake, Rattle, and Roll!