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Baby Picture
My Baby Picture! I was only 3 months old. This picture was taken the first day I arrived to live with Jeff and Marcia.
Happy New Year! My first New Years Eve! 7 months old!
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Marcia giving me a hug and taking me to my new home to live with her and Jeff.
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Marcia feeding Einstein baby bird formula. I was weened to solid food before I was brought home, but was fed formula for a few more weeks just once a day.
Chewing a Bag
Some of my design work! If it gets left on the counter it's MINE!!!
I Love Bagels! These bagels are named after me! "Einstein Bros. Bagels"
Mixing Cornbread
Mixing Cornbread… Nothing like a fresh batch of Cornbread!
Einstein perched on a African Grey statue
This is a nearly life size statue. Makes a great perch too!
Eating broccoli
Broccoli! Could be a microphone!
Einstein breaks a plate
UH! OH! Guess that was a saucer and not a toy! I'm Sorry!
Einstein opens cabinet door
Going in... to do some exploring of the inner kitchen!
Einstein gets into lingerie drawer
Exploring a new drawer... lots of nice silky things in here called, "lingerie!" OMG!!!!
Exploring the bathroon cabinet
Exploring, Again! Who me? This time, under the bathroom sink!
Exploring a kithen cabinet
Don't you just hate it when people (or parrots) snoop in your cabinets?
Holding and eating a banana
Cool! This fruit has a handle!
Einstein looking out of a hole in a paper bag
Under Construction… Needed a window!
Making Chop
Making Veggie Chop. Eating Veggie Chop too!
Food on Einstein
Yup! My beak has food on it! I'm saving it for later!!!
Perched on a dish towel holder
Designed to hold dish towels... or parrots!
Einstein and Bibi
Me and my friend, Bibi the Bird. Taken November 1012 when Bibi and her flock came for a visit.
Feather on head
High Fashion! A Feather Hat!
Helping to fix the garbage disposer
You have to get in there and turn this REAL Hard! (Helping Jeff fix the garbage disposer)
Hanging on the wall
It’s Bat Bird! No, just climbing around and hanging on the crown moulding.
Einstein operating an iPad on a tripod.
I Love my iPad! iPad perch sold separately!
Eating corn
It's a fact! I Love COOOOORN!
Einstein getting weighed on a scale
Maintaining my weight! 456 grams. May I have another nut please?
Einstein with an African Grey egg
What came first? The parrot or the egg? (Egg was unfertilized, blown out, & complements of my friend Rita.)
Einstein posed with 2 human fingers.
Why do humans do this when you're having your picture taken?
Einstein looking out of window with snow.
My 1st White Christmas. It seldom snows in Texas on Christmas Day. It did in 2009.