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Avian Education and Resource Center As the title suggests, this site is a comprehensive guide for anyone considering parrot ownership, or who currently owns a parrot

Solitiaired is a website where you can play online solitaire with playing cards that have beautiful images of different parrots.

Pets Happy Hour is for pet owners and lovers. Find latest pet news, helpful tips, and articles or just laugh at funny pets.

Bubba and the Sweet Pea by Gladys Boutros, is a wonderful children's book about Bubba the Cockatoo that takes a journey to discover the value of inner beauty. The books mission is to help children with self-esteem issues. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to further the research for the treatment of PBFD (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease.)
Parrot Lovers Forum Wonderful forum to connect with other Parrot Lovers!

Bird Watching for Kids by Hanna Miller, is a practical guide to help kids get interested in bird watching.
Parrot Nation is an entertaining blog written by Patricia Sund. All about life, birds, and Patricia's adventures in the world of Aviculture. Patricia is a very busy lady! Check it out!

Good Bird Inc. Barbara Heidenreich is the founder of this wonderful company that promotes positive reinforcement training to solve behavior problems with the companion parrot. Both the website and the magazine are so informative! Good Bird Inc also has a Blog, a Yahoo Group, a YouTube Channel, and a podcast called "Wings 'n Things" on Pet Life Radio.

Online course study as a Pet Behaviourist or Veterinary Nursing.

Emily's Birds Written by a bird crazy person who shares her home with 12 parrots. She has owned birds most of her life, writes a blog and is involved in a local bird club and parrot rescue. There's never a dull moment at Emily's Birds!

Innovative Cages: We’re an authorized reseller for Avian Adventures from Midwest Homes for Pets - superior birdcages that bird enthusiasts can afford!

Bird Cages Now offer the best brand names in parrot cages.

Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers - Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers provide a dark and secure environment to help promote healthy sleep for any bird. The best selection of bird cages. All kinds of bird cages, bird carriers, bird stands, bird toys, bird perches and birds food.

Companion Parrot Online Sally Blanchard is the editor, and she loves parrots! She has studied and worked with birds for over 45 years and for her theories on companion parrot behavior. Einstein was raised using her principles of building trust and nurturing guidance.

The Alex Foundation "The goal of The Alex Foundation is to support research that will expand the base of knowledge establishing the cognitive and communicative abilities of parrots as intelligent beings. These findings will be used to encourage the responsible ownership of parrots, conservation and preservation of parrots in the wild, and veterinary research into the psychological diseases and care of these birds. Through these efforts, The Alex Foundation will accomplish its mission to improve the lives of parrots."

It's A Grey's World A bunch of information about African Grey Parrots. Go here to read before you decide to get a parrot. The companion site, Avian Naturals is a great place to buy wholesome food and toys for your companion parrot. A wonderful website from the same folks who published Bird Talk Magazine.

Australian Birdkeeper Magazine The World’s Leading Publisher on Pet and Aviary Birds. Shop at ABK Publications (Est. 1987) for Colorful and Informative Quality Books & DVDs on all aspects of Pet & Aviary Birds.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve - a prestigious game reserve in South Africa, located in the southwestern corner of the world-renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Grey Forums is a great place to meet other African Grey owners and exchange ideas.personal website of an African Grey Parrot with a huge vocabulary

HomeoAnimal Unique remedies are made with top-quality ingredients and they're unique in the pet health industry because they're gentle, effective, and completely natural.

BirdBreath Life from a bird's point of view.