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Freezing Chop and Bean Mash

Freezing Options

We all have our favorite ways of freezing our favorite foods. Zip Lock Bags, Ice cube trays, Muffin tins, etc. You'll need to discover what works best for you. I'd like to share what works best for me.

I like solo cups and paper cup cake liners. The plastic solo cups can be purchased from your favorite restaurant. I just ask for about a 100 of them, and they are happy to sell them to me. They are not that expensive. I have also found them at some liquor stores. Turns out, this is what humans use to make something they call "Jello Shots"! I like them because they can be reused.
It can get messy filling these cups; so vinyl gloves (purchased at the drug store) come in pretty handy! (Pardon the pun! (: >)
Chop ready for the freezer

Veggie Chop ready for the freezer, in a 2 oz. Plastic Solo cup.

I also like paper cup cake liners. Go to your favorite bakery and they will sell you some. Or buy them online here. I place an order for a lot of them and that way shipping is not so bad. You may have a restaurant supply place near you, search for one. They will sell to anyone. All I do is use an ice cream scoop to put the food in and then use another cup cake liner as a "lid". Below, you can see how I used a cup cake liner as a lid. These are not reusable, and Veggie Chop does not freeze well in them because the veggies are too wet.
Scooping breakfast mash into cups for storage
Mash Cups ready for freezer
Mash cup with cupcake liner on top
I also like the 2 oz. paper solo cups. I buy them at a fast food restaurant. They can be used as a lid too.
Then, I turn them upside down in a 9x12 storage container and put in them in the freezer. I've never had a problem with freezer burn using any of these methods, and I've stored for as long as 3 months.
Bean Mash ready for the Freezer using cup cake liners
Mash ready for freezer using 2 oz paper solo cups

When it's time to eat, I unwrap, heat, & eat!

Just Heat and Serve
Bon Appetite!